Merope Atlantis: Ancient Inscriptions

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July 17, 2018

Epigraphische Datenbank Heidelberg: Inschriften: Letzte Änderungen

HD076989 (Belgica)

Hic iac<e>t in pace Ban/cio qui vixit an(nos) II et me(nses) / II et di(es) VIII Faventia mater / t<i>tolum posuit

HD076988 (Belgica)

ἐνθάδε κῖται Ἄζι/ζος Ἀγρίπα Σύρος / κώ(μης) Καπροζαβαδαίων / ὅρων Ἀπαμέων

HD076807 (Belgica)

Coniugi pien/tissim(a)e Auror(a)e / in pace fideli / Aquilinus

HD076689 (Belgica)

[Hic resquiesc]it in pace / [---]MA quae vixit / [annos ---]VIIII Felix pa(t)er / [---]na mater / [titulum posuerunt]

HD076687 (Belgica)

Calvio hic / pausat in pace / qui vixit an(nos) VI / et mens<e>s VII et / dies XIII Vincai/mus alumno suo / fecit

July 16, 2018

Epigraphische Datenbank Heidelberg: Inschriften: Letzte Änderungen

HD076987 (Belgica)

Hic q[uiescit in pace] / Aspa[sius(?) qui vixit] / an(nos) LXX [---] / filius [titulum posuit]

HD076986 (Belgica)

Hic quiescit in pace / Arcadius qui vixit / an(nos) XI et me(nses) IIII cui pater / et mater t<i>t<u>lum po/suerunt

HD076985 (Belgica)

[Dulcis]simis infan/[tibus ---]timae et Anto/[nio fra]tribus qui h/[ic requi]escunt fid/[eles ---] et Lucifer f/[rater(?) titulu]m po/[suerunt(?)]

HD076984 (Belgica)

Ampelio [hic] / in pace [quie]/s(c)it q(ui) vixit / annos XX[---] / dies XXV[---] / SICLVDO[---] / SINOI[&

HD076970 (Belgica)

Hic bene quiescet in pace / Amelius qui vixit an/nos XXXIIII et mensis(!) III / dies XV Rufa filio / carissimo titulum posuit

HD076969 (Belgica)

Hic iacit Ama/nda infa(n)s / innos qui v[ix]/{s}it annum et / mens<e>s sex / et dies VIIII

July 13, 2018

Epigraphische Datenbank Heidelberg: Inschriften: Letzte Änderungen

HD076983 (Germania inferior)

[Matr]onis / [Vacall]ine[h]i[s

HD076982 (Germania inferior)

[Matro]nis Vac/[allinehis &

HD076981 (Germania inferior)

[Matro]n[i]s / [Vacallin]ehis / [&

HD076980 (Germania inferior)

[Matr]onis / [Vacalli]nehis / [&

HD076979 (Germania inferior)

[M]atr[onis] / [Va]ca[llinehis] / [&

HD076978 (Germania inferior)

M[atronis] / V[acallinehis] / [&

HD076977 (Germania inferior)

[M]at(ronis) Va[cal]/[li]n<e>[his &?

HD076976 (Germania inferior)

Ma[tronis Vacalline]/his [&

HD076975 (Germania inferior)

M[atronis Va]/c[allinehis? &

HD076973 (Germania inferior)

JHD076974 Mat[ronis] / [V]a[callinehis / [&

HD076972 (Germania inferior)

Mat[ronis Vacal]/line[his ---]/[i]us [&

HD076971 (Germania inferior)

Matroni[s] / [V]ac[allinehis] / [&

HD076968 (Belgica)

Hic quiescit in pace / Agricius q(ui) vixit an(nos) VIII / et me(n)s(es) II cui Febrarius pa/ter et Calvola mater / t<i>tolum posuit(!)

HD076956 (Dalmatia)

D(is) M(anibus) / [&

HD076940 (Germania superior)

V[i]nca[s cum t]uis

HD076932 (Belgica)

<H>ic quiesc<i>t in pac/e Abbo qui vix{s}it an/nos XXXIII frater prop/ter caritate(m) t<i>/tulu(m) fecit

HD076922 (Germania superior)

Hic req(u)iescit / in pacem(!) Iohan/nis Ianuarius / et vixit in s(ae)c(u)lo / annus(!) C h(a)ec(!) tu/mulo(!) fecit Hun(n)u(?) / pres(byter)(?)

HD076335 (Germania superior)

$]CV(?)[---] / [---]VIA[&

HD061381 (Germania superior)

$ requi]/escent presve/ter(!) in culme/ne(!) meruit s(an)c(t)o/rum esse con/[so]rtes offici(i) / [--- c?]ur/[averunt?]

HD061379 (Germania superior)

[---]ANO(?)[---] / [---]AN[---] / [---] MA[---] / [& // [---]VI[---] / [---]VLA[---] / [---]XV[---] / [---]VLV[---] / [---]CT[---] / [&

HD057826 (Dalmatia)

V(eneri?) s(anctae?) s(acrum?)

HD056674 (Dalmatia)

D(is) [M(anibus)] / [&

HD052711 (Germania superior)

$] / [---]Q(?)[---] / [---]ii Ae/[---]inae / [---]E(?) / [&?

HD052665 (Germania superior)

$] / [---] Apro[---] / [&