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September 11, 2014

Pleiades News Blog

AWMC Launches Online Strabo's Geography Map

This interactive web application was designed to accompany Duane W. Roller’s new English translation of Strabo, just out from Cambridge University Press.

September 09, 2014

Public Activity at Github

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Tom Elliott
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    properly reference the 'xslt-master' branch in example

September 03, 2014

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paregorios commented on issue DCLP/dclpxsltbox#52

paregorios commented on issue DCLP/dclpxsltbox#52
Tom Elliott

I'm taking temporary ownership of this ticket in order to determine where in the stylesheets this is handled.

August 29, 2014

Pleiades News Blog

Ryan Horne Assumes Co-Managing Editor Role

The Pleiades Editorial College is pleased to announce that, concurrent with his role as Acting Director of the Ancient World Mapping Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Ryan will work with Tom Elliott to manage the day-to-day and strategic operational aspects of Pleiades.

August 15, 2014

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Tom Elliott

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paregorios commented on issue DCLP/dclpxsltbox#20
Tom Elliott

So, I haven't had a chance to look into this deeply, but neither <supplied> nor <unclear> should be empty tags (closed or otherwise). If the editor…

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Tom Elliott
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    use asynch version of google analytics tracking javascript

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Tom Elliott

August 13, 2014

Pleiades News Blog

Sarah Bond joins editorial board

Pleiades has a new associate editor: Sarah E. Bond.

August 08, 2014

Pleiades News Blog

Pleiades 2 Final Report

The Pleiades 2 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities ended in April 2014. A copy of the final report submitted to the NEH has been posted on the Pleiades website.

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Pleiades News Blog

Stuart Dunn on Santorini

A blog post about the challenges of documenting changing volcanic landscapes in a digital gazetteer.

August 07, 2014

Pleiades News Blog

Studying Identities in Rome and its Empire

A call for papers has been issued for a proposed colloquium sponsored by the Roman Provincial Archaeology Interest Group at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America in New Orleans. The deadline for 500-word abstracts is February 21, 2014.

Richer Names Listings for Places

Pleiades place pages now provide more summary information for associated names.

New Pleiades Plus Matches Pleiades with GeoNames

Pleiades Plus is an experimental machine alignment between Pleiades place resources and content in the GeoNames Gazetteer.

Maintenance Downtime: May 29, 2014

Pleiades will be down for approximately an hour tonight.

Geographies of the Ancient City: Lessons to Learn from Diachronic Comparisons

A second call for papers has just been issued for this session at the Annual International Conference of the Royal Geographical Society (London, August 2014). Deadline for 300-word proposals is February 3, 2014.

The Ancient Near East in Pleiades

We have recently accessioned some data derived from the Tübinger Atlas des Vorderen Orients (TAVO) by an external project. Here is the status of the work, some context, and a call for volunteers.

Review Parties in December and January

Several review parties have been scheduled for December 2013 and January 2014. If you're interested in helping the editorial college clear the review backlog and publish new, high-quality information in Pleiades, please consider joining us.

Last Week in Pleiades

The all-volunteer editorial review team published 57 new or updated content items. We also set up Facebook, Twitter, and Feedburner accounts, as well as adding support for events and events listings to the site.

Pleiades is now on Twitter

Better late than never...

Pleiades is now on Facebook

You asked for it...

Pleiades Downtime: Thursday, 21 November 2013

From 3:45 to 5:45 p.m. US Mountain Standard Time

Last Week in Pleiades (9 August 2013)

51 new or updated content items have been published in the past week.

Bob Consoli's "placename lookup" critique

How to use our downloadable CSV files most effectively.

5 September Review Party Canceled

Due to conflicts for a majority of the editorial board, tomorrow's review party has been canceled. Stay tuned for announcements about future events.

Updated help concept: "What are connections?"

Direct place-to-place relationships allowing the construction of geographic hierarchies and networks. Rivers to seas, roads to towns, towns to ethnic regions or provinces.

Updated Citation Guide

Explanatory notes have been added for some existing entries, and several areas that were marked "to be added" have now been completed.

New in Help: Tutorial Categories

Grouping our how-tos in a more useful way.

New Help Topic: Add a Name

The latest guidance how to add new name resources to Pleiades.

How to track changes in Pleiades

I was recently asked on Facebook if there is "a new places feed from Pleiades". The answer is: yes, and then some. Here are the details.

Adam Rabinowitz joins editorial board

Pleiades has a new associate editor!

Volunteer Opportunities: Improving Data

Pleiades needs your help!

Two New FAQs: Modern Names and Accuracy Assessments

How to add and modify these important bits of information.

Pleiades, PELAGIOS and Linked Open Data

Pleiades is at the center of an emerging graph — a web of data — for ancient world resources on the web.

Planning a Pleiades Hack Day

An opportunity to work together to improve titles and descriptions for our place resources. Volunteers needed!

New FAQ: Pleiades Internet Relay Chat Channel

How to use IRC to connect with other members of the Pleiades community.

Pleiades Hack Day: 21 November 2011

Participants will meet virtually throughout the day to work on improving titles and descriptions for prominent and well-known places in Pleiades.

Content Improvement Projects and Call for Volunteers

We've added a new section of the website to enable community members to suggest, organize and volunteer for projects to improve or expand Pleiades content.

Toponyms in Demotic and Hieratic

A new publication from Pleiades partner project Trismegistos

Time Periods for Ancient Egypt

Pleiades now supports several additional time periods for names and locations in ancient Egypt

Semiannual Report Published (May 2011)

Achievements and progress over the preceding 6 months.

Regular archives of nightly exports

Quarterly, long-term, third-party digital archiving

Hurricane Irene

Pleiades will not be affected

Feeds of Flickr Photos Depicting Pleiades Places

Linking photos on Flickr to place resources in Pleiades

Community Meetup: Wednesday, 19 October, 4:00p.m. UCT

Tom Elliott will initiate a Google+ Hangout for all interested Pleiades community members

Zeugma at Pleiades and ISAW

In honor of Kutal Gorkay's upcoming talk at ISAW (Recent Archaeological Research in Zeugma: March 21, 2011), I've taken the opportunity to update the Zeugma resource at Pleiades.

Quarterly Report for December 2010 published

The project team summarizes recent developments across the effort.